SpliceMiner: a Tool for Querying Evidence Viewer Database (EVDB)
SpliceMiner is a tool for querying Evidence Viewer Database (EVDB). EVDB is a comprehensive, non-redundant collection of splice variant data for human genes. EVDB is constructed from data obtained from NCBI's Entrez Gene and Evidence Viewer tools, and is a queryable implementation of the NCBI Evidence Viewer. The EVDB build process uses only complete coding sequences and filters redundant splice variants. Unlike Evidence Viewer's one-at-a-time query process, SpliceMiner supports high-throughput batch queries and provides results in an easily parsable format.
Here is a comparison of a single gene query in Evidence Viewer and (a) a probe sequence query in SpliceMiner that retrieves multiple genes and (b) a multiple gene query in SpliceMiner.
NCBI Evidence ViewerSpliceMiner
SpliceMiner result of interactive query by probe sequence:
Partial result of SpliceMiner batch query by HGNC symbol:

EVDB maps gene symbols to a set of unique splice variants and identifies the exons present in each variant along with transcript and genomic coordinates for each exon. SpliceMiner supports queries by gene symbol, genomic coordinate, or probe sequence. The distinguishing feature of SpliceMiner is its support for high-throughput, batch queries. SpliceMiner and EVDB are intended to support microarray analysis and design pipelines but have general applicability to many genomics research projects.

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SpliceMiner and EVDB were originally developed jointly by the Genomics and Bioinformatics Group (GBG) of LMP, NCI, NIH and George Mason University, Department of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. It is now maintained and under continuing development by GBG.

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