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Welcome to the In Silico Solutions Bioinformatics Tools Site

The In Silico Solutions is company focused on providing software and services that address the pressing needs of biological researchers.

About SpliceCenter

The first set of utilities that we have developed is focused on alternative splice forms of genes. More than half of human genes have alternative splice forms and this presents an additional level of complexity for biologists using microarrays, PCR, or siRNAs.
The SpliceCenter applications are user-friendly tools that provide information on the target location of probesets, primers, or siRNAs within the known splice variants of a gene. Identification of the variants targeted / not targeted by these technologies can be very useful in designing an experiment or analyzing results. For example, the top-most image above is produced by the PrimerCheck tool and shows a potential issue in that the probes for the Affymetrix U95A array (indicated in orange) are measuring different splice variants than the one targeted by a pair of PCR primers (light blue) intended to confirm the microarray results.

Please click on the SpliceCenter tab to try out these utilities and check back often for new developments.

About Us

In Silico Solutions got its start as the Bioinformatics group of Tiger Team Consulting. In 2007 this group was split off as a separate company, In Silico Solutions, dedicated exclusively to bioinformatics tools and services. Please see our company website here for more details. This site hosts our bioinformatic tools. All tools provided on this site may be freely used by academic, government, or commercial organizations. For help on a specific tool, use the Help on the tool's webpage or try the FAQ page.
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